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Why do Christians pray?  video interview

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 Click on image to watch video clip by Christian Aid. 
Find out more on the Climate Change campaign  here .

More on Climate Change (from Christian Aid):

Ahead of ‘The Time is Now’ Mass Lobby, seventeen year-old Quaker Anya Nanning Ramamurthy issued this urgent call for climate justice. At the end of her speech she reminded us that faith groups in the movement for climate justice have a vital opportunity to come together to bring about our vision for a just world.
The youth strike movement – find out more about events near you on the global climate strike website.

We’ve put together a short guide highlighting other ways churches can support the young strikers, including ideas for prayer and worship. And we offer this theological reflection: ‘climate change: with whom do we stand?’






from Church of Scotland Brexit prayers:

A prayer in challenging times—by Wendy Lloyd











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