We are a mixed bunch.

A happy mix, ready to give each other a hand, and to serve our community and the world. None of us are perfect. Most of us live locally. Some of us are shy, others outgoing. We have different strengths and gifts.

We bear with each other because Christ first bears with us. Christ is our bond,  our inspiration, Christ makes us one, a local & worldwide family of faith.

We are part of the community.

A small church in a small community – no sense in running “our own” organisations; instead we get involved in village activities (as church go-ers, elders, ministers, chaplains). “Salt to the world, yeast in the dough”. We don’t push it, but we are a real presence, hoping to add flavour and spirit.  Auchtertool is a great place to live, find out more at our village facebook page , Auchtertool Community Council website and  our village on wikipedia .

Our village has a very good school Auchtertool Primary School  and a lovely caring nursing home: Camilla House . Many businesses are based in Auchtertool.

An imperfect church for imperfect people.

And so as church we are open, relaxed, informal, gracious, caring, genuine, inclusive. Many have found in the church family a new place of belonging, of friendship and caring.

Children are allowed to be children, are acknowledged and engaged with, also as part of worship services including communion. There’s a lot to learn from children. Young Church happens as required, led by two elders who love children. We have robust safeguarding procedures.

Hearing: the kirk has  a loop system and good amplification.

Mobility: stepped access to the kirk is fully renovated outdoors, but 3 small irregular steps into the entry door. When required there is fully ramped access outdoors, and wooden ramps can be set in place at the entry door.

This life is a journey and  we delight in the time and gifts we share; “all good gifts around us are sent from heaven above, then thank the Lord, for all God’s love”. We share this time of life’s journey, both sad and joyful times:  join us.

Please contact us with questions.