God bless you, you’ve found quirky Auchtertool Kirk! Alive, online (not inbuilding), active, in neighbourhood.

On Sunday 4th Oct. Catriona and Marc have led worship for a last time as ministers of Auchtertool Kirk.  A recording of this ‘pass it on’ service in Linktown Church is here

For 20 years of a very happy ministry in Auchtertool, Catriona and Marc say ‘thank you’ here.

When we gather,  as a sign of our love and care for each other we stick with the Covid-19 rules – read the full letter informing you of all that is required here .

 Our Youtube channel  
On facebook.com/KirkTogether  we share with local Christian neighbours.

prayer , faith nurture, worship, and make contact.

Help: If the lock-down / the virus pandemic  has put you in dire straits, you can contact covid.communityhelpline@fife.gov.uk or call 08009-520330.  All requests will be logged so they don’t get lost in the system. More help detail here: Covid-19 Kdy Support 9-4-2020 .

Stay safe, act responsibly, follow government advice -click  here. ; to protect the most vulnerable, the NHS, our community.

Covid-19: Services in the kirk ‘with a difference’: We love being together as a church, but we are called to love the world more. We are organising short services/gatheringswith safeguards – if you come for a kirk service in person, read first what you need to do here . We also aim to continue online on our youtube channel .  Stay safe, act responsibly, follow official advice -click here ( Health Protection Scotland).. Because we love our neighbour and each other, we do not meet or touch. Touch each other’s hearts by love. Show love; by what you say, share, do (and not do) to protect the life God loves so much. In that love, we adapt our modes of meeting, not to spread the virus, but to spread grace:

God bless you: 

Auchtertool Kirk – the quirky rural faith community with character: 

Relaxed, informal, gracious, caring, genuine.

Services on Youtube (Auchtertool Kirk)  and ‘in person’ .  Many have found here a new place of belonging, of friendship and caring. Children are most welcome. Children ask: What’s a church? (puppets explain!)

Many comment what a peaceful special place this is, and it’s beautifully kept. Our motto: “all are welcome in this place”. Everyone is accepted and welcomed regardless. We care and pray for everyone, especially in Auchtertool village and the surrounding rural area with farms and cottages (the parish). We mean EVERYONE. We are a “broad church”. 

Age, sex, colour, gender, orientation, faith/doubt, shoe size do not matter: it’s for everyone.

For activities, services, worship, weddings, blessings, funerals – NO need to be a church member or Christian, but simply have a connection with the Auchtertool area. Age, sex, colour, gender, orientation, faith/doubt, shoe size … do not matter: It’s for EVERYONE, you’re welcome. Only at baptism we ask for a statement of faith.

For baptisms/ christenings/ blessings and weddings contact the ministers  – for funerals your first contact is most often your undertaker, but you are welcome to make contact with us any time.

Ministers (job-share): Rev. Catriona Morrison  &  Rev. Marc Prowe – this changes after October 4th as they are called to become ministers in Invergowrie.

We invite you to hope, faith and love.

Don’t get  “the God-thing’? Ask us,

or ask http://christianity.org.uk  = an impartial look at the Christian faith, not specific to any tradition/ denomination. Many questions are answered there.

Visit christianity.org.uk to find out more about Jesus Christ and the Christian faith