Auchtertool Kirk Est. 1178. Welcome to the website of Auchtertool Parish Church

who we are


Auchtertool Kirk 

Your local parish church: we care about everyone, especially in Auchtertool village and the surrounding rural area with farms and cottages. 

We mean EVERYONE. We are a “broad church”. 

Part of worldwide Christianity 

part of the Church of Scotland 

We seek to inspire you with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Enthusiastic worshipping, witnessing, nurturing and serving. 

Join us.

Life-affirming message: there’s more to life than money can buy

and God’s love is free to all; it increases when shared.

We offer

Activities, services, worship, weddings, blessings, funerals - 

NO need to be a church member or Christian. 

Age, sex, colour, gender, faith/doubt, shoe size  do not matter: 

It’s for EVERYONE, you’re welcome.


Special about Auchtertool Kirk:

Relaxed, informal, gracious, caring, genuine.

Peaceful setting, beautifully kept. Sunday services 9:30 am.

Many have found here a new place of belonging, of friendship and caring.

For children there are play-corner toys and Young Church as required (after 15 min’s altogether). 

Everyone is accepted and welcomed regardless.

Our motto: “All are welcome in this place”.

Don’t get  “the God-thing”? 

Ask us or find an impartial look at the Christian faith on, not specific to any tradition/ denomination. Many questions answered there.


For baptisms/ christenings/ blessings and weddings contact the ministers   

(for funerals your first contact is most often your undertaker).

Catriona Morrison  &  Marc Prowe

Our aims:

Worship strengthens;  combining the best of new and old, 

God’s Word to today’s challenges. 

Every Sunday is for all ages.

In all we do, we embrace laughter and fun but also tears.      

Christ’s love and grace as shown through the cross guide us.  

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