Auchtertool Kirk Est. 1178. Welcome to the website of Auchtertool Parish Church


Harvest Thanksgiving service 2017

{ 0 } 2nd October 2017

​Our farmers could only now bring in all grain, so Harvest is later than some years.

We’ll give thanks. With vision, we’ll look ahead. We’ll share abundance: those who have give - those who need take.

Your donations of produce to display…

sunday services

{ 4 } 28th February 2017

Here is a special invite to you:

Just come, bring yourself (and a friend if you wish): we will welcome you warmly AND / OR give you the space you need.

In Auchtertool Kirk, every Sunday start 9:30am -…

around the year

{ 0 } 28th February 2017

Auchtertool Kirk’s yearly seasonal cycle:

(Baptisms, Blessings, Funerals, Weddings = any time.)


25th March 2017, 10-12noon: the famous “Daffodil Tea” coffee morning, produce & plant sale in aid of Auchtertool Kirk funds in Auchtertool Village Hall. Please support this vital…

who we are

{ 0 } 28th February 2017

Auchtertool Kirk 

Your local parish church: we care about everyone, especially in Auchtertool village and the surrounding rural area with farms and cottages. 

We mean EVERYONE. We are a “broad church”. 

Part of worldwide Christianity

what we do

{ 0 } 28th February 2017

Sunday worship 9:30am in the kirk, children are always welcome and included; incl. Young Church; toys. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, all ages and abilities, indeed everyone will be welcomed. Worship is well planned but is less formal than…

Christmas time in Auchtertool

{ 9 } 30th November 2016


As midnight approaches on Christmas Eve, it is an experience to sit in atmospheric candlelight in Auchtertool Kirk with the east wind howling outside in the black night and the single church bell peeling out across the…

The Organ

{ 102 } 4th March 2013

The organ was gifted to the congregation by Rev. William Stevenson (who was minister of the church at the time). Then, in the early 1890’s, in Scotland, most congregations sang without accompaniment. Organ music was a radically new thing then.


Stained Glass Windows

{ 60 } 4th March 2013

East window: St Andrews and St John

The windows in the east wall of the church showing St. Andrew and St. John are dedicated to the memory of the Liddell family. The inscription reads, “In affectionate remembrance of our grandparents and other…

Auchtertool Kirk War Memorial

{ 56 } 4th March 2013

Auchtertool’s one and only war memorial is not a built structure in the village (like in most places here) but, unusually, a window in the kirk.

The parish of Auchtertool was larger in the past, because of that you find names…